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Over the past twenty years (since our arrival in Canada) we have often visited London Drugs for specials on chocolate biscuits, birthday cards and back in the day to get our photos printed. So when the message came down that folks of a particular age could get a vaccine shot there, I took a look. At the time there was no BC option at our local store, but the other night, after a tip-off from one of my kids, I looked and found a spot and duly registered.

Early in the pandemic, we heard it would take months to provide a vaccine and of course over the last few months we have daily heard about the provision of the said vaccine. 

Over the last few weeks family in the UK as well as friends and parishioners have been updating us about when they would get their shot; it is a constant theme at virtual Coffee Hour and any other online gathering at this time.

I must say I am so grateful to those who have made this vaccination process possible. Those who have been prioritized were medical professionals, seniors, and First Nations people, and quite rightly so. The rest of us have had to wait and I have been content to do so. 

But now the time has come and I was pleased to have this opportunity whilst realizing, as someone reminded me the other day, my life would not change that much. Until most of us are vaccinated, and that this still some time in the future, we have to be carrying on with keeping to our bubbles, keeping our distance, and wearing a mask whenever we are out in public places.

What seemed so strange at first, everyone wearing masks, now is completely normal.

At the same time, many of us feel challenged by the continuing pandemic especially as cases grow again in BC. I’d hoped some weeks ago, that April might see us returning to onsite worship; this is clearly not going to happen for weeks to come. 

So we have to continue with our routines and doing church work at a distance. This has been interesting, not least because we have made connections through worship and study that likely might not have happened without the pandemic.

In spite of the challenges, there is so much we can do to reach out to one another, support one another and be there for one another, even if we aren’t in person.

So on Sunday evening at the appointed time, we went the short distance to London Drugs. The pharmacist was efficient, amusing and gave me all the information required. I said how grateful I was to be invited to get the vaccine. We even brought some chocolate biscuits to celebrate.

My shot won’t change my life in the short term, but I am so extremely grateful to those who made it possible as more and more of our population receive this all-important vaccine.

London Drugs, Western Canada's large pharmacy and department store is part of the pharmacy vaccination plan for the Province of BC. Weekly shipments of Astra Zeneca vaccine are allotted to pharmacies and during the period when Stephen had his shot folks between the ages of 55-65 could make appointments. This pharmacy rollout began on April 5. 

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